Friday, October 3, 2008

Chapter 12 "The Journal"

In part of the research, I'm including all of what is written in my journal book, as of now, I just discovered the dangers of what is along the way. If I may say, its beyond what you can imagine, I had catch a glimpse of some possible dark arts to be include to be able to attain the so called "Elixir of Life".

August 18th 2008;

At the first part of my research, I'm well aware of whatever might be the answer ahead, but it keeps me motivated from it. There are a lot of discoveries and information that I've read recently and it open my eyes. With regards to my religion, its quite difficult for me, specially with my current university status. I'm aware of what is happening to my life but i prefer not making it a hindrance not to pursue it. I've highlighted every crucial information about what I've found out and i'm planning to search its branch wherever the information may carry me.

(to be continued at my next post)
(please I need some votes whether I continue posting my journal here or separate in in another blog.) Thank you reader.

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