Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chapter 15 "Sense"

There are times you get the feeling your alone, sometimes you yourself wanted to be alone. A time to think again, a "Pause" to remake things. That which you cannot, then you seek for an outlet, a catalyst for your emotion to go, an instrument for you to blow those uncried tears.

We longed for something, something that would cover those mistakes, those things we wish to remake. If only life is a document that your writing in a computer... you have the option to be wrong you have the guts to make misspells, because you know you can still go back. But here, you cannot, thats why you search for that.

In your long search, you would learn many things, you would see many horizons, new faces of destiny. And for many, they End up seeking "the Power". The Power to make difference , whether for the good or for Bad. Sides doesn't really matter because it calls for your personal being, its your decision. That power, is any ability, any thing that would make you literally different from others. Though the possibility is uncertain the desire is strong. Why would One leave the option of becoming what you dreamed of? Truly, we all desires for one thing, that we may have supernatural abilities, to defend and protect ourselves? Not just that... there's more... The world in great vain, due to this people with no hearts towards your "Home". Somebody must take action, do what is needed to be done. Where is your Sense fellow? Did it pass just like the truth of yesterday had become? No, its still there, wake it up. You will find it!

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