Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chapter 16 "Strength"

Sometimes there are happenings in Life where you wonder, was it really inevitable? Or was it really meant for that to happen. You wonder, what if you can do something to stop it? What if that is your chance to prove yourself? What would happen if you have the strength, the strength to defend, to protect somebody?

It made me wonder what exactly is the meaning of strength? If we define it as how strong you are then what is Vigor exactly? It leaves me to think that strength doesn't define what exactly it conveys, not all physical, not all muscles and how much weight you can carry. I have experience many things, most of it does not involve any physical strength to deal with, but you know what made me think it needs strength? Because its hard, lets take for instance your emotional problems, you know you need strength dealing with them, you need courage and yet you do not punch walls (except some) , yell to death and etc2x. What your doing is fighting but then you don't wrestle with the flesh, what your doing is fighting with your mind, wrestle for the decision. Think again, look to that person who go to training everyday just to get stronger, do you think his muscles can help him when problem comes, except troubles coz you really need muscles to save your life^^. I hope you have got my point. Ill...assume...

And to that, when you seek for that power, (mention in the previous chapter) you do not seek for strength in physical alone, perhaps a deeper definition of strength, a deeper message for the word "Strong". If your thinking you need to be strong to achieve that power, you may think you need to be strong. Indeed you should and would be but do not think straight directly to it, think curve, there are more to a word than meets the eye. Look that deeper thought, do not look using your eyes alone, do not think with your mind head-on, do not write a letter with only your hands unto the paper, but seek deep inside your heart there's something inside it.

"The Strength of the Body is nothing, without the courage of the Heart"

(I've read the quote somewhere, Thanks whoever wrote this, thought I've got revisions in mine)

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