Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chapter 17 "The New Dawn"

Its been a very Long Time since I've posted
my blog entry.
Its been Months, almost a year.
My Post today is very significant to to what
had happen. In our path, there would always
be hindrances, there's always something that
would bring you down resulting a failure to
your dreams and Goals. But that didn't stop
there, that is were you enter another chapter
in the book, though it ends, it continues to a
New Dawn.

In alchemy, whether physical or spiritual
you go in every stages. You enter each gates
you need to pass before you can proceed.
Just like searching for the Truth, there
are times when you think you have uncover
a mystery but the truth is that answer
evolve into a new question. In my months
of hibernation to my research, I've found
a new field, a new chapter to read and
discover, which I know, in the end, it would fill
up the puzzle of the answer i seek,

That field my fellow is "The Third Eye"...
Seeing the spirit world is an ever fulfillment
of my dreams, my curiosity, my quest.
Seeing the unseen (before).. the unbelieved
by many... If I would witness it in my eyes,
that would be more than a motivation to me,
I see it as..

"Everything that I have dreamed of are
to impossible to be in reality,but
the most possible..."

I'll be posting the next research next week..

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