Friday, August 7, 2009

Chapter 18 "The Third Eye"

The Third Eye, also known as the inner eye is
the medium for us living to see and comprehend
the existence of the "things" unseen. But for
some other fields there are other uses and
opportunities it offers. Specially when you are
in search of the truth.

When you find yourself in the midst of
emptiness, void in knowledge of the world and
its inner sanctum, unconsciously your whole
being is craving for an understanding.
When opportunity knocks, there it begins!
The third eye emphasizes the truth of THEIR
existence, the existence of a more powerful
beings than us. More gifted and unimaginably
knowledgeable than a normal person who knows
only a 3-dimensionality.

"I want to open my third eye for this,
sacrificing the peace I'm experiencing
my whole life but, for a cause, I really
need to do this"

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