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Chapter 1 "Book of Abraham the Jew"

This research doesn't aim on one thing; alchemy itself, instead it includes almost all branches of the science of mysticism. Stories and parables, riddles, and a lot more things added up and formulated the uncertain history of mankind, every branch had evolve on its own and finally became an answer to questions of what had happen in the past. But the question is, is it really the truth? Let me ask you one thing, Are you convince that this research could somehow take a part of some flaws in the making of history? A lot of you, I'm quite sure that is not. If you are, your too open minded to things unseen. But the matter is, whats in history (that you believe had happen) that made you believe that its true? The data, and information are transferred only by Imperfect Humans right? Well, we can never the history we know today is the true event that had happen yesterday. My point is not to force you to believe that this research has something in it but what I'm pointing out is that, if this simple research is unbelievable then why believe in history that much? I'm not saying that all we know today is a LIE or some Hoax but let's be open minded that not all ideas that are told in history books are real.

Lots of books publish throughout the era that made us realize the truth, the uncertain happening THEY made up or if its a fact then it is. Still, its just written by somebody, and that somebody is a stranger we may or not trust that somebody it is up to us. Come to think of it, if they wrote history in books and other materials could they not wrote history itself on their own? I'm not saying that historians are liars and a bunch of fraud but I'm trying to point out the uncertainty and risk of believing whats only written.

The next idea is that, if they do wrote the whole truth, still they can hide something, we cannot force them to reveal the truth by such we have no control of it. We can easily agree that its true but what if they were hiding something or most likely they forgot a crucial part of history that must be written for certainty of men. I'm more convince that they are hiding something if the truth is what they wrote in history books.

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The Philosopher's Stone


Wisdom has different ways of making its way to man. It could happen during an unexpected time, or an unexpected moment. Like for example a charlatan playing on his brilliant tricks, as he go on to his routine, perhaps without knowing he accidentally created a true magical light. It could come any moment of our lives, anytime we had conviction to do it and be with it.

In the 14th century, the pure truth is transmitted to a book, guarded by the masters that it may not be held by people whose not worthy to have it. That book is the book of Abraham the Jew, This book has been believed to have the secrets of the formula to the Elixir of Life or the Philosopher's Stone, a substance enable to transmute any impure substance to pure and a new being. Many hermetist longed to received this brilliant book, waiting for somebody to give them, waiting for some miraculous visit into their homes by a sturdy looking sage. The book fell into the hands of precisely "the man who's destined to receive it". And he, with the help of the text and the hieroglyphic diagrams that taught the transmutation of metals into gold, accomplished the transmutation of his soul which is far rare than any wonderful operations made by man.

The book of Abraham had been pass down millions of years by the great masters and sages, it has been believed that philosopher's of the past that contributed into some few works with regards to alchemy have it in their hands. The next post and chapters would furthermore explain about the works of this philosophers and describing the sages and who they really are.

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