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Chapter 6 "The Sages"

Early discussions mentioned about the SAGES, one who give the book to Flammel is a Sage, now, we should know who and what they really are. There are a lot of traces about the Great Sages throughout the history, most of them where involve in a very crucial details in historical books. Abraham himself had an advisor, a sage, an alchemist, a philosopher, named Melchizedek, Abraham's book and its contents could be a work of inspiration of Abraham of what he had learned from his Sage advisor. The sage that gave the book to Flammel also, though we cannot trace their background, is a member of the hidden order of the Sages that hid the book from the public, as mention in the Flammel's History section, the book, before Flammel had it, belonged to "the unknown sages" the "unknown masters". These people are rarely seen in public I believe soo, or it could be that they were around but we dont even know the traces or any marks where we could identify that a person is a sage.

SAGES are those people,(as defined from many dictionaries) are those who had complete or wide knowledge with regards to God, they knew much more things than a normal man. They often live in the forest, alone or with other sages in their hidden temples. The Magi people i had revealed to you, my uncle, which had his ability from his father, his father I think is a member of the secret society, so as the other Magi, which is Recanell, they shared lots in common with regards to what they do, what they're abilities are, considering there animal pets, weird pets to be exact. I'm in a deep observation here in my uncle, because of one important detail, this is mentioned in some of my past post, that the sages meet once a year in a specific place. I want to find out if my uncle goes to some place once a year, or anything that I may come up with. With regards to their transportation? Well, havnt I mention that my uncle hat a cat looking pet?or have i? And the Recanell person had a dog, all of those pet, as I heard from my closest relatives, you can ride them and one thing is sure...they're FAST!

The pets reminds me of the book "Do you wanna know who were the others?", I havnt read the book but I believe we here are not alone, theyre are still a lot of things waiting for men to be unvield. If we were alone, this world will be boring, that is why we love the Digital World today, because of the discoveries done yesterday, unfortunately man focus on Physical Science, I want to move unto the spiritual realm, the esoterics philosophies, because I'm always waiting when the world will changed and I've decided, I will be the one to start it.

This portion opens Public Responses from a popular posting site:

As I asked them "Who were the Sages", here are few and highlighted responses.

Main Entry: sage
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1: one (as a profound philosopher) distinguished for wisdom
2: a mature or venerable man of sound judgment

Sages are not magicians th ough they have the power to perform magic. They are the ones who have

given up worldly affairs and have devoted their life to God and prayers. They are not ordinary monks, like priest but have renounced worldy goods for God. They usually live in a cave or forest, and devote time to prayers and meditation. Over a period of time, they gain certain powers by which they can perform miracles, but they do not show off. Very rarely do they perform miracles and it is then that they b;ecome famous, but then it is only when they have permission. They are wise, kind and see God in all. They are humble and eat what they can get as alms. Such sages are rare and far inbetween generations

Melchizedek is a sage from the Old Testament who was considered to be something of a supernatural being. Abraham paid him tribute, which meant he was highly respected and was of an order higher than Abraham.
The Oxford English Dictionary explains a sage as 'a very wise man.'
My idea of a sage is of someone who's somewhat of a seer, or someone who has knowledge beyond the knowledge that can be learnt in earthly ways, such as by reading a book.

Sages see things differently from other people, they're open enough to see the larger picture so instead of dwelling on life's trivialties they're curious about things most people don't think about.
They're highly aware of God and know things, just know them without knowing how they know, except that the wisdom is from God. They contain so much of God compared to others that in a way they partly have the mind of God.
They're full of light and the light shines in the darkness, they don't fear God or any spiritual beings, including dark ones because they're so powerful they know they won't get hurt by them.
I read about a particularly strong sage who was loved by everyone, he was a monk and when he died a young lad saw the light in the sky from his spirit from miles away so the lad himself became a monk and sage. As you're aware sages don't have to be monks and I believe they can be anyone, even ordinary people that are walking among us.

Judging from the information obtained, there is a high possibility that this Magis's are one or One of the magi I mention is a Sage. Ladies and Gentlemen, Readers, analyzed things written here, and help me think, this is a research by the way and I need help, there may be a crucial point in my information that would trigger a new branch or a discovery thank you very much.

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