Saturday, September 20, 2008

Chapter 5 "Mr Magi 2"

This post is about another person, in which, more related to Alchemy, a person who can go back to his youth anytime he wants.

This person, named Leopoldo Recanell, an old man, dead as expected and buried 5 years ago in our province. He knows my aunt, they talk a lot, every time when work time is over, that would be in times of dusk. This man knows some native techniques of healing, and what had caught my attention is that my aunt saw a stone that he is using. There are a lot of stories from my aunt told by that person, my aunt said he had mention his dogs, which is definitely not an average dog, coz his have wings on its side, he said he had three of 'em. A black , a white, and one with both colors, black and white dots. One of the most amazing part is that one day, there's a kid on my aunts lawn, my aunt yeild at the kid coz the kid looks like he's stealing gingers in there. Then afternoon comes and the old man, as usual, came back from work, they talk a lot again and, the old man happen to mention about "he turn into a kid and they didn't know it", he claimed to be the kid that my aunt had yeild at, my aunt iss shock, full of unbelief, the old man recited the exact words my aunt said.

Hey, were not on the main purpose of this post yet, as mention several post's before this, The Philosopher's Stone is a substance that can cure any disease and a substance that can prolong human life. There are a lot of claims in the country that they have succeeded in creating this stone, I'm convinced by them a little, not as being convince by this case, considering this had happen nearest to me, and in my country, in my province.

The said man is buried, he died last 5 years ago i think, and... after a year everybody forget, his had finally moved on and they continue life as of nothing happen. One of his family relative went to Dapitan and in her surprise...she found Leopoldo Recanell there, ALIVE, still strong, and the most shocking part is that, he looks a little younger than before he died. Then now, because of his family had moved on and had a new family themselves he decided not to go back and stay there. He is in great passion of helping sick people and up to now, he still is healing a lot of people. I cant wait to meet these two magi's that I've mention to you. But I have no time to go to them, and the other one (my uncle) he wont tell me the secret "its bad" he reason out.(always)..

But here's what I believe, the only thing that would make it bad/evil is when you or any person use it in evil. Right? You can never tell whether things in this world is either for good or for Bad, that's why we were given a choice, that's for us to decide whether for bad or good. This research doesnt aim on anything like that, because all we wanted is to find out the

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