Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chapter 2 "Mr. Magi"

This is a story about a person, who happens to be my uncle and something is quite different from him. What differs him (for me) from everyone is that he can do extraordinary stuff. Like making money out of leaves, or papers, he can also project some sort of tiny light that he can control wherever he wants to lit from his body.

Believe it or not its a fact, a strong fact, this post doesnt aim to display anything againts the religious teachings such us in Christian (I'm a christian myself), because as far as I know Christian dont believe in such things because those were works of evil in some way. But I happen to be more open-minded to all posibilities and I've read several philosopies that says God is All, even basic religion lessons know that, from the word then everthing means that anything could be a possible work of GOD. We should not hinder our minds to comprehend deeper magico-religous things around us, God wouldnt allow us to see and hear about this things if He knows it posses danger. But the threat is that we must be careful, considering we were given the choice whether we continue or not.

Let us meditate on this word and open our minds towards what it may convey: " Evil can only make its way to man is for good Men to do nothing" this passage is taken from a movie that I watch months ago. The message says (for me) that why would you hinder yourself discovering new things and understand the capabilities of Men if they are laid for you to see so? Seeing Evil in this world doesnt mean that a person that experience it is already evil, you as that person who knows, a person who comprehend, a person who understands evil, knows what is good! Believe me if you have enough knowledge then you would know what to do, since you understand how the worlds revolves and behaves, you undertand the nature of it, your mature enough to make good decisons for yourself and think of what actions you would do in the future. If a person doesnt have any knowledge of the world and just do the daily routine of his life, flowing with others wherein I could describe as "hook in the material world" then what would happen to him? What would make him differ from the others if he keeps on following them and not exploring the world on his own? If important decisions need to be made, there's a great possibility that he may not do the right decision considering that he doesnt know, he is not aware of what may affect him on that, or affect some other people on a simple decision. Then there Evil/Satan would come, he would poison that mind, and this person would be easily carried with him because he dont know! He doesnt care because he knows nothing! At this point really readers, I'm pointing out the idea "why not set off and explore the world?" we were here to inherit earth (but not harm it) then decide whats best for you and pray for guidance for your life.

This Mr. Magi named Amado Javier, is around 40's, 7 children's, a farmer, a possessor of a little agricultural property in the Brgy. Pisawak Siocon Zamboanga del Norte Philippines. He is the brother of my grandmother but I used to call him uncle considering he doesnt look that old (40's). My grandmother still in 50's used to tell us stories about their father, a good looking man, Spanish, who went to the Philippines and set there, that way he married my great grand'ma and became my great grandfather. He as described by my relatives can do some magic stuff, like my uncle (his son) can do also. He spokes latin phrases and something magical happens, like he can heal the sick, and soo on eith their story. Now, my great grand father died and my uncle inherit his book (they call it libreta in native language,i dont know if its a foreign term), this book is describe to be a small sturdy looking with no writings in it, just blank pages, and they said hidden characters are hidden in each page that only the owner is able to see it.

My Uncle's son is close to me and sometimes we talk about his fathers ability, he had mention to me that his fathers own a cat looking thing but the foot at the back is kinda higher than at the back and that would make the thing look like its smudge on the ground due to its small foot/finger in front. And also my cousin (also my grandmother, my Mom and his brothers, my relatives) told me that my uncle can transform money out of leaves and papers just by putting it on his pocket and minutes later, its a new real heck of CASH!

Im not interested in money making, but as a researcher of Alchemy his works and my objectives in a larger view unites. I want to find out about how did he transform it, in a sense its transforming an object into another, from leaf to cash, leaf to paper, its transmutation.

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