Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chapter 8 "Tree of Life"

In connection to the search of the Philosopher's Stone, I have stumble into some information in some books, reviews, and the internet, one of these had really caught my attention, its the ideas and teachings by "Kabbalah" or "cabala" in english translation. These teachings (i dont know if its a religion) would be discuss on Chapter 9 so please be patient.
This post is suppose to focus on one of the important fields in the particular ideas in cabala, the "Tree of Life". (as seen above)

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I have read several physics books today, and I remember dealing with the dimensions, the parallel worlds they happen to mention, and some other ideas that says there are world out there but in different dimensions. Separated by our basic counting number (1-etc). They have said that we are in the Third dimension, having Length, Width, and thickness, and the base shape would be the "Triangle" as it has three sides, like having three properties or characteristics. Further explanation of the physics dimensions is that, lower dimensions a cannot comprehend higher dimension, that is why we people cannot determine what 4th dimension is, we of course are capable of understanding the 2 dimensional world coz its lower that where we are. It is believe in that book that the Last dimension (10th) is where God is.
Notice the animated of the Tree of Life, every steps, every circle corresponds with a shape, second is the two axis direction, the 2 dimensional aspect, up and down, right and left...have you notice the connection between Physics and cabala? The next figure, the triangle, three properties, three sides, that could mean 3 dimension and so on. If we analyze these using both physics and cabala, we could say that:

Our true birth begins (1st dimension) , afterward we transfer to the 2 dimensional world, then transfer again (we can see it by means of death like what happen people), then to the third dimensional world. If we would think, souls, or ghost, or anything paranormal, they can walk through walls and go wherever they want, this is a manifestation of a higher dimensional living being. If us, 3 dimensional beings would go to the 2 dimensional world, these people living in the 2 dimensional would see us as a mighty thing, more like God in some point because, we are not hindered by the limitations of there dimension, see example below:

An example of a 2 dimensional world:
Fig 1:

They were like comic characters, they don't have thickness and the only direction they know is up down, right left. There world is like a floating paper in the air where in if the 3 dimensional being enters, only the portion of what had intersect the 3D the 2d can see.
See figure for visual:

If deaths we see in Earth is a mean of transferring to another dimension then Ghost and everything panoramic events which we cannot comprehend are the evidence.

Physics and the lessons of Spiritual alchemy conveys a message that everything is connected, Ancient Civilizations, there achievements, wonders of the world and how they're made, nature secrets, advance science, magistry, and everything! There are a lot of things we need to find out, be with me people.

The secret of the Philosopher's Stone and of prolonging human life is still hidden, but who know reader, this may be a clue that we need to think through, that idea of One, everything is connected and is a manifestation from a single root. I remember the first post's, the book of abraham said about the connection of all, maybe...we need to study all sciences and connect them all.! LOL..have a nice day...I'm gonna read some more to find something out again.

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Nick Sothep said...

I realize this article has been posted a long time ago, but since someone with the intent of finding a deeper meaning to life is goin to find it, in goin to write a few lines in response.
It is very important to understand, that Kabbalah, or Quabbalah, as it is spelled when referring to its magick application (such as Tarot), is one of the most imporyant doctrines, if not the most importante, for the average western mind, since every "race" is wired in a diffrent manner, and what comes easy for, as an example,Chineas with his Chi philosophy, or for an Indian with his Hindu pantheon, will most probably be rather adverse to the average Europea; its a simple matter of education, or rather indoctrination if you will, not a racist point of view at all. So anyway, the search for the Philosopher's Stone, aim of the Alchemical Great Work, its an allegorical tale meant to address the higher self into a journey of pure wisdom, where the ego will be killed in favour of a True, Higher Self, moved by its own True Will.
The Quabbalah, other than being an exquisite philosophy with the power of explaining reality and the nature of True Divinity in relation to Man, the Macro and Microcosm, has, once mastered to a certain level, the power of helping one through the Great Work, expecially through the understanding of symbol, true language of the subconcious, and only language truly capable of instant comunication of esoteric truth. The Alchemical tradition, rooted in ancient Egypt (Al-Khemet, from the dark land, which is Egypt, as Khemet is how Egyptians called it), just like the Hermetic tradition from which it originated, has also deep connection to Kabbalah, infact, the Pyramid texts, possibly the most ancient writings known to man, are, according to the most erudite scholars, the roots of it.
So yes, the study of the Tree of Life, including meditation over its very gliph, is indeed importante for the philosopher looking to transmute his stone into The Philosophers Stone, Lead to Gold, or simply, man into Man, moved by his True Will, once freed from all dogmas and capable of positivley influencing his own reality.